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Our Partners

Our team is passionate about craftsmanship, design, health, and innovation.  We are committed to comprehensive problem solving, seek collaborative opportunities, and aim to synthesize a variety design challenges into a unique design solution.

Activity Partners

We continue to build on our research about the body by linking together machine learning, movement routines, and biomechanics to create a truly seamless haptic feedback experience.

Wearable Biomechatronics Lab
Machine Learning
Yoga Centre London
Movement Routines
Laurentian University
Biomechanics Research

Fabrication Partners

We work with other customization experts including online product configuration, and additive manufacturing companies to deliver tailored results.

Online Product Configuration
Additive Manufacturing

Design Partners

We have innovated together with a range of expertise including structural engineering, material science, and electrical engineering to design a physical product, hardware, and software.

Blackwell Structural Engineers
Structural Tailored Prototype
Material / Product Testing
Podco Designs
Hardware Prototype

Funding Support

We have been graciously supported by several sources and it has propelled us toward the delivery of a deeply innovative product.

Mitacs Accelerate
Machine Learning, Body Positioning
Applied Research & Technology Development Projects
BIFMA, Delamination, Compression & Bending Tests
Provisional Patent, Communications, Pitch Preparation
Paper Substrate Materials, Museum of Modern Art Exhibition
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