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”I have a bad back, and have had sciatica for the last 2 months, and it is honestly the first chair I have sat on in the last 2 months that was not painful.  I am a software developer, so like many people I sit at a desk all day.  I'm optimistic this will be a big improvement over the kneeling chair I currently use, which is already a big improvement over a traditional chair.  I love the simple and elegant design, but most importantly the ease of motion and ability to smoothly shift my weight around on it, and stand up and sit back down.”

Mitch Bechtel - CEO - webCOMAND︎

Our Team

Formid is years of development, hundreds of iterations, experiments, and ideas. Formid is handmade in Canada by a dedicated staff of designers, collaborators, and movers. What started as a sketch and a sore back still moves us today. We believe sitting should be liberating and moving can be beautiful.

Internal Team

Our team is passionate about craftsmanship, design, health, and innovation.  We are committed to comprehensive problem solving, seek collaborative opportunities, and aim to synthesize a variety design challenges into unique design solution.

Patrick Danielson
Founder, CEO
Leila Angrand
Michael Danielson
Jeremy Upward
Intern Architect MArch

External Team

We have a great external team of supporters for with a range of expertise including structural engineering, material science, electrical engineering, biomechanics research, and software design.

Blackwell Structural Engineers
Structural Tailored Prototype
Material / Product Testing
Podco Designs
Hardware Prototype
Laurentian University
Biomechanics Research

Funding Support

We have been generously supported by several sources. We really appreciate the support and how it has propelled us toward the delivery of an innovative product.

Applied Research & Technology Development Projects
BIFMA, Delamination, Compression & Bending Tests
Provisional Patent, Communications, Pitch Preparation
Paper Substrate Materials, Museum of Modern Art Exhibition

Contact Us

We are located in Sudbury, Canada. Please let us know if you have any questions about Formid, want to join our team, or would like to drop by to try one out. Our email is info@formid.ca︎ 

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