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Active Body

Formid encourages flowing movements stemming from the largest joint in the human body, the hips. Your hips are positioned directly over a small spherical support. This position is low enough that you can tilt in any direction to engage any side of your core, and also high enough to maintain a natural lower-back curvature. While we still recommend a mixture with seated rest and standing, you can enjoy an active seat for longer periods by shifting your body in and out of alignment with gravity.

Liberated Hips

Engage various muscles throughout your whole body to reduce prolonged sedentary risks and improve cognitive productivity.  

Balanced Geometry

Step away from your unstable seat carefree while your seat balances upright ready for your return.

Tailored Form

Feel how your precisely supported hip bone and unobstructed legs improve mobility.

Leg Imitation

Chair wheels limit dynamic activity and prevent motionless activity. Tilted friction at the floor is key to active benefits.

Motionless Activity

Yoga, the art of holding body positions, only requires a level surface to explore a wide range of positions. We have designed Formid to mimic your lower body so you can similarly explore your posture relative to the floor. You can then benefit from instability and seamless change while at work.

Isometric Activity

Perfect stillness on an unstable object requires constant minor muscle activity.  

Stillness Spectrum

Every position targets unique muscle activity. Each one an opportunity to practice perfect active stillness.

Task Aligned

Each task requires a unique posture. A distribution of different active stillness postures can improve cognitive productivity.

Pinpoint Stillness

Active seats are suitable for sustaining activities requiring very fine motor control.  

Dynamic Activity

Depending on your task, brief bursts of activity and/or sustained dynamic activity can be suitable. The opportunity to include movements seamlessly throughout work helps manage blood flow and concentration.
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