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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to questions you may have. We will continue to build on this list as we receive additional feedback. If you do not see your question answered below, please contact us directly.

Is Formid comfortable?
Yes, however we are trying to prevent comfort leading to long motionless use. This is typical of many comfortable seats. 

We have inverted the bike seat to support the ishial tuberosities from the outside to relieve pressure and provide grip. We create active comfort with a greater surface area than a bike seat, larger outer tube curvature, a pressureless core, and cushioned bone contact points. These details are effective throughout the variety of active postures.

Many people have also expressed how the freedom of fluid hip movement from a spherical base is surprisingly comfortable.  

What is the min/max user measurement?
Formid has been designed to accommodate users of any height. This large range of customizability is there to ensure we can achieve the desired fit.

As the seat is a counterweight design, the each seat weight is different. Taller or wider seats would weigh more than shorter or narrower seats.

What is the maximum user weight?

Formid has been designed to accommodate users up to 250 lbs (113 kg). We expect to increase this range in upcoming versions. 

Can other people use my Formid?
Yes. Tailoring your seat means it is set up optimally for your long-term use but others can also use the same seat. The length of recommended time spent on an active seat depends on the alignment with tailored measurements. 

Can Formid fit under a desk?
Each Formid is a unique size and its ability to fit also depends on your desk height any accompanying drawer configurations. A Formid seat can easily fit based on an average tailored seat and desk.

Can Formid get wet?
Yes, the powder coat finish is very durable. It is superior to a painted finish and protects the cellulose structure underneath from water and daily wear-and-tear. Our finish is similar to other powder coated MDF products.

What countries do you ship to?

We will ship from London, Ontario to anywhere in Canada, US, UK, and EU. All units will be carefully packed and ready to use. We will send packages through Canada Post with online parcel tracking and insurance.

How much does shipping cost?

Canada: FREE. Package will be sent via Canada Post Expedited Parcel for 3-5 day delivery once shipped.

US: $75 CAD. Package will be sent via Canada Post Expedited Parcel for 3-5 day delivery once shipped.

EU & UK: $175. Package will be sent via Canada Post International Parcel Surface. Additional duties/taxes may apply depending on your destination country.

Can I use the electronics module?

All seats will be sold with compatibility for the upcoming electronics module. A built-in electronics housing will be included in each seat to receive the future module, sold separately. 

When will Formid be for sale?

Very soon. We are finalizing the updates for fabrication to suit a work from home setting. We are futureproofing our assembly process through decentralized production with our use of paper, 3D printing, and other assembly techniques.

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